Dry Skin? Dehydrated Skin? Saggy Skin? Hyaluronic Acid to the rescue!

Hyaluronic Acid

One day you wake up and notice your skin is a little rough. Dry patches show up on your cheeks and nose and you're questioning your entire life at 8AM in the morning before your big presentation.

Or better yet, that hot date you've been looking forward to all week has you getting pampered and ready to apply your favourite eyeshadow only to notice the lines starting to form on the side of your eyelids.

Why is this happening? Why you? And why couldn't this wait like 10 years from now?

Well unfortunately your body is doing exactly what it's design to do - age. As we get older our body has less ability to retain moisture and this results in drier skin, wrinkles and less elasticity. One of most important ingredients that is responsible for helping our skin retain moisture and our youthful glow is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which naturally occurs in the body but as we age, is produced less and less and at a slower pace.

HA is found in almost all vertebrate organs, but most abundantly in the soft connective tissues of the skin. The estimated total amount of HA in human skin has been found to be 5g, about a third of the total amount of HA believed to be present within the entire human body. Interestingly, HA is not only found in the deeper layers of the skin where connective tissue is predominant, but also in the top layers of the skin (epidermis). In the skin, HA is bound to proteins together with other skin loving ingredients. The most important property of these molecules is their strong ability to bind to water. HA becomes hydrated to such an extent that a gel-like system is formed. Hence, the main function of HA is to aid in the body s water maintenance providing essential moisture for body processes and molecular transport. However, as we age, the HA levels in the skin decrease, contributing to skin aging and formation of wrinkles. For example, at fifty years of age the amount of HA in the skin is only about 50%.

Using products that have HA help in moisturizing the skin and slowing down the aging process and combatting skin concerns like wrinkles or saggy skin. We at BALM SKIN CO. understand the importance of hydration and incorporate moisture and hydrating loving ingredients into our products like our Mango'Shea Hyaluronic Gel Cream Try it, your skin will love you for it!

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