The Skin Behind the Brand

Reena S. - Founder & CEO

Beyond Skin Deep

When Reena cleared up her hormonal acne in seven days, she knew it was time to help others like herself who might struggle with showing their beautiful natural self daily. Recognizing the need to make skincare simple, Reena officially launched BALM SKIN CO. in 2019 after noticing that visits to multiple dermatologists over a number of years were not helping to treat her hormonal acne. BALM SKIN CO. was created to support the journey back to skin love and holistic living.

When she was diagnosed with Lupus in 2007, Reena was forced to press pause on her lawyer ambitions and examine if she was living up to her deepest truth. Along the way, she had been collecting all of life’s milestone achievements, yet still felt unfulfilled. 

“I thought to myself that without my health, nothing that I had done or envisioned doing mattered unless I took care of myself first.”

One Christmas, she searched endlessly for a beard kit for her partner but could not find it anywhere. Taking matters into her own hands, she decided to create a product that was safe, plant-based, addressed his concerns and had a flare of luxury. Her partner’s reaction and excitement about the natural beard product she crafted herself encouraged Reena to keep going. What started as a gift for her love, turned into a mission to give people the same experience.

“It’s more than skin deep. I’m here to help people get past the skin into their heart and realize the beauty within.”

With launching her skincare brand, BALM SKIN CO. she returned to a principle she always knew: that the body can heal itself when given the right environment to do so. Healthy ingredients for inside and outside the body is the foundational philosophy she applies when formulating natural products and coaching clients on how to become their best selves from within. 

Curating and using her own products, Reena’s experience is backed by education in Bioethics at the University of Toronto, Psychology at Athabasca University and certification in Natural Skincare and Natural Hair Care Cosmetic Formulation at the School of Natural Skincare. 

Made for real people who struggle with skin issues like hers, BALM SKIN CO. begins with Reena’s customers. Listening closely to gather feedback, Reena is on a mission to create a global brand of skincare products she always wished had existed - plant-based skincare that frees people to feel most comfortable in their skin.